Our Quality Standards

Independent Lab Partners

We have combed the world over to partner with laboratories that stay on top of the science in their respective fields and specialties. We have collaborated with laboratories in the field of dry spot urine collection, dry blood spot testing, stool analysis and salivary testing due to the convenience, accuracy and stability of these testing modalities. We are proud to collaborate with such impressive partners to bring a wide range of testing to your doorstep.

Purity & Quality Control

All supplements are not created equal. There is a difference between food-grade and professional-grade supplementation. We strive to source the highest-quality, most bio-available ingredients. Formulations and blends are determined with the goal of yielding the best results with the fewest capsules. Ingredients are chosen to avoid adverse reactions or common allergens. Supplements are tested every step of the way from raw material to final product – we believe quality cannot be compromised.

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