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After my headaches really started getting unbearable, I called Wellnicity and they fixed literally everything.
Benn, 33
Loving my supps, I'm sleeping waaaaay better.
Bradley, 28
Much more energy during my workouts, I can tell that my adrenals are finally back to normal
Cynthia, 42

A better way to a healthier you.

Validated by clinical science

Testing, not just a questionnaire. Results from at-home tests allow you to build an informed wellness plan backed by clinical-science, not guesswork. See our test kits arrow

Free clinician guidance

Consult with an expert clinician to establish a plan that works towards your wellness goals, at no cost to you. Speak with a clinician arrow

Professional-grade vitamins

Lab-tested for quality and purity, you’ll only receive vitamins & supplements that are consistent with our high standards of efficacy. Our standards arrow

We can address your symptoms

Through more than a decade of experience we have helped many with common symptoms that effect thousands of people daily. You are not alone, and we’re here to help. From ADHD to Weight Issues, we have solutions to help you get back on track.

After my headaches really started getting unbearable, I called Wellnicity and they fixed literally everything.
Tina, 32
22 pounds down and counting (happy dance). I'm almost down to my college weight!!!!!
Carrie, 54

Clinician-guided personalized plans

No more guesswork, misleading or confusing information. And no charge for one-on-one clinician consultations. Our expert clinical team spent more than 12 years refining a science-supported system with one goal in mind: putting your health back into your hands. Ask a clinician arrow

Convenient, proven solutions

Your path to wellness starts at home, and that's exactly where we will deliver it... with proven solutions to fit your needs. Test kits, delivered. Results, delivered. Personalized, dose-specific vitamin packs, delivered. Convenience, delivered. Learn more arrow

Professional-grade quality: A smart choice

Our standards include ONLY professional-grade quality vitamins & supplements - the smarter choice in getting the best bang for the buck toward a healthier you. We have inspected every independent laboratory we utilize, and confirmed the certifications and credentials of every manufacturer. Our quality standards arrow
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Validated by clinical science with 12 years of proven testing, including thousands of panels and used by more than 1,000 independent certified clinicians.
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Founded by a Certified Clinical Nutritionist with with a 35-year knowledge base of cellular nutrition, improved gut integrity and balanced brain chemistry.
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On-site staff of certified clinicians with a passion to empower through knowledge, gauging success by your progress... knowing that nothing but the best will do.
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